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2010-11-11 09:24:55 by ToapointX

MY COMPUTER IS UP AND RUNNING AGAIN! I'LL GET RIGHT TO WORK WITH MY MOVIE AGAIN!!! With all the time I had off, I thought about how I'm going to do this and future movies... It's gonna be awesome! OH! And I also was able to get Adobe Flash CS5 MASTER COLLECTION!!!! So Hellz yeah!!!

Will here from me soon!

Very very sad...

2010-10-20 11:33:48 by ToapointX

It's happened... My allmighty ASUS hard drive choked on me all of a sudden yesterday while I was putting the finishing touches to the second video of the CX Wars... I lost everything... My zune had all my pictures, videos, and music thak goodness and my brother has all my flash resources and my fiance had my flash template ( You know, preloader, and all the characters in the series i ripped ) and my OTHER laptop had all my documents... SO wehn my ASUS comes out of repair, I can hit the 2nd episode again hard and fast... I wanted to upload this episode next wednesday when I was off... I was so close to being done... :( It was actionpacked too... Oh well things happen for a reason right?

Stay tuend... And No I didn't fall off the face of the earth :D I'm settled in my new house, with my 3 pomeranians, and my fiance... I'm oding amazing :D


2010-09-17 10:47:24 by ToapointX

Through disappointment and sadness, I took down my video, and I'm implimenting AS2 agian. I am very comfortable with AS2 and its MUCH more simple to do things than AS3. So... Upload will begin soon ( and I changed a few things, so... HA!

I won't take this one down, this one is stickin!

I'm home!!!!

2010-09-16 13:53:14 by ToapointX

I'm finally home, and settled into my house! Now I don't have to worry about a rocket coming through my ceiling :D.

Let the Flash animation begin!!!!!!!!!

I'm still alive!

2010-08-14 09:34:02 by ToapointX

HELLO ALL! I'm still alive, and I'm still working on my shabang movie. I finally cracked the AS3 liek I hope to. I'm still learning about the buttons, but I'm gettin there fast! I'm almost doen with the first movie of the CXWars! You're gonna be like ZOMG! I guarantee it!


2010-06-16 17:59:28 by ToapointX

Things got really crappy jsut a little bit ago... I was almsot done with my first vid ( 1st of the series) and the file locked up on me becasue the sound bit was over the max Adbe Flash CS4 could handle... Long Story short... I lost everything. NOWWWWW I'm ripping all my graphics and all first...

IN OTHER NEWS.... I've mastered the VCAM. Finally, and I'm learning the split screen stuff now. Soon My vids will be more kickass than before! AND I FOUND LIGHTSABER SOUND EFFECTS!!! All I need is Street Fighter sound effects and I'll be gold! ( If anyone can tell me where I can get the graphic where in Mario Bros Z, Mario does like a super punch, that glow, you'll know what I'm talking about if you see it... I might jsut make my own, nevermind.)

So, yeah.. Redoing my stuff, so WHOOHOOOO!!!! I mastered the allmighty VCAM! In your face!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let the show begin!

Ok fans, I have some bad news.

2010-06-07 13:41:13 by ToapointX

As of today, I have to stop uploading videos. Apparently, "It takes up a crapton of bandwidth" So I'm no longer able to upload videos. Rest assured, I'll be bustin my tail in my free time to edit my videos and make new ones!

I will be taking down the 2 earlier videos, and increasing them to my current skill level with Adobe Flash CS4.

I'll be getting home about the beginning of September ( 1st to be exact) then I get to move in my new house witch is GODLYAWESOME!!!!!! Then I will proceed to uploading my videos.

I'll be keeping regular updates. So far, this is what should have to wrap up the first season.

CX Wars #1: The Beginnig
CX Wars #2: The First Encounter

CX Wars #3: CX Origins

CX Wars #4: Battle for Arbul
CX Wars #5: A Race to the Goal
CX Wars #6: Enter the Bold
CX Wars #7: Could it be...?
CX Wars #8: A Sorrowful Ending
CX Wars #9: Inner Focus
CX Wars #10: The Decisive Battle
CX Wars #11: Destiny Collides
CX Wars #12: Shocking!!!

I plan on having these all done by 1 September, then I'll be uploading them one at a time once a week. I'm allocated 8 BPS... my upload rate is 500 bytes a second. SOOOOOOOOO WITH THAT STATED! Stay tuned for updates :) I'l have a new icons and everything!

great news guys!!!!!!!!

2010-05-26 15:27:37 by ToapointX

I have done it! All by myself with no tutorials! I've figured out how to make a play button so the text will stop and you can click play when you're done reading! :D And after busting my brain for 15 minuets, I figured out to make the music play when the events are stopped... Simply makign the music a SYMBOLAND LOOP IT! then Boom!!!! My issue though - keeping it under 10mb. Blah, just another challenge I have to abide by. I got this!

Look out Flash Animators! Here I come!


2010-05-25 15:38:08 by ToapointX

I did it! I finally finished my first REAL good movie! I'm gonna touch up on some effects, and I'll have this bad boy uploaded and ready to go!


2010-05-23 11:51:21 by ToapointX

Just an update on the upcoming video!!! I am almost done I got another 40 seconds left, then I gotta make the credits.

I just got Adobe After Effects!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOO More and better upcoming videos!

And yes I have a preloader!