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Update on next movie!

2010-05-12 13:38:12 by ToapointX

So!!! I've been working really hard the past few days ( Keep in mind I only get 4 hours a day to work on my stuff) I got the preloader, and title done. Now I'm on the sprites part. The past 2 days I've been ripping the first stage out of level 1 in Megaman X because I'm gonna make that my scene! :D It's gonna be epic! No it's not jsut gonna be BOOM FIGHTING theres gonna be a tad of a story relating to the game. Hope you all like it!


2010-05-09 18:00:36 by ToapointX

Well ladies and gents! SomethingI learned today!!!

ACTIONSCRIPT3.0 IS JEBUS different... So I'm sticking to Actionscript 2.0... Until I get home. No sence of wasting my rest time while im on the job here in Iraq... When I get home I'll do it at my civilian job ( where i can actually get away with it lol)

But I figured out the button thing, so I'll be adding in buttons to my future projects. I got Buttons, Looping, Stopping, and quite a bit of coding learned since I started the "Lets learn buttons at 1am!" lol. So I feel amazing now, I feel like a Boomkin. lol.

Long story short, tomorrow I'm starting my new movie... It'll be something much better than my first :D Just wait and see!


2010-05-09 16:19:31 by ToapointX

Now then... I just learned how to do a preloader... And I finished it... My next question, if anyone can help me without being an ass... Can you combine 2 projects? If so, how? I don't wanta have to redo all my little short movies!

About the personal me!

2010-05-09 10:47:08 by ToapointX

Hello all!

I'm all new to this flash stuff, so here goes! My name is Matthew, im 24 years old and currently I'm stationed in Iraq. It sucks being over here so I decided to sit down and begin learning about flash animation. It took me all of 10 seconds before I was like " I've got to learn how to do this!" So I bought:

Adobe Flash CS4 Pro
Paint Shop Pro X2
Anime Creator EX 4 ( Something like that. It's in the mail somewhere)

I want to be an awesome author like Alvin Earthworm! Super Mario Bros Z is the shiznit! Sprite animation has always intrigued me to the extent that I am as of right now on my other computer ( I own a super computer ASUS and I just bought a toshiba Netbook. I use my netbook to get online and post on facebook, Newgrounds, ETC).

A little more about me. I'm a slow learner, I like to play with programs for hours at a time so I feel comfortable with them.. THEN i get the books and read and get training, read tutorials, etc. I LOVE video game music... Collecting all of it is my biggest hobby. My most favorite series of music is Megaman all the way to the end of Megaman Zero... I never cared for anything past Megaman Zero 4 just because I thought X and Zero were awesome!

MORE MORE about me. I leave Iraq in august, then I can get hardcore into my banners, profile pic, and all that. Due to a 3kb a second connection, I can call home, and browse the internet, post on post forums, and it takes like a year (exagerating) to upload pics and movies and all that... so... yeah.

There you have it! I'm 7 hours ahead of Eastern Standard time. I'm in the US Army and I'm an E5 :) I hate the time differences and it's hot outside... Like freakin hot... Like "ZOMG WTF BBQ " Hot. And no moisture so it's like a blowdryer consistantly blowing on your body, or an oven turned to 150 degrees and you're sitting in it. Sucks

Take care!

ToapointX/Toapoint99/Mateo the Wonderer!

If anyone can give me tips on text boxes besides making symbols for EVERY TEXT