Very very sad...

2010-10-20 11:33:48 by ToapointX

It's happened... My allmighty ASUS hard drive choked on me all of a sudden yesterday while I was putting the finishing touches to the second video of the CX Wars... I lost everything... My zune had all my pictures, videos, and music thak goodness and my brother has all my flash resources and my fiance had my flash template ( You know, preloader, and all the characters in the series i ripped ) and my OTHER laptop had all my documents... SO wehn my ASUS comes out of repair, I can hit the 2nd episode again hard and fast... I wanted to upload this episode next wednesday when I was off... I was so close to being done... :( It was actionpacked too... Oh well things happen for a reason right?

Stay tuend... And No I didn't fall off the face of the earth :D I'm settled in my new house, with my 3 pomeranians, and my fiance... I'm oding amazing :D


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