2010-06-16 17:59:28 by ToapointX

Things got really crappy jsut a little bit ago... I was almsot done with my first vid ( 1st of the series) and the file locked up on me becasue the sound bit was over the max Adbe Flash CS4 could handle... Long Story short... I lost everything. NOWWWWW I'm ripping all my graphics and all first...

IN OTHER NEWS.... I've mastered the VCAM. Finally, and I'm learning the split screen stuff now. Soon My vids will be more kickass than before! AND I FOUND LIGHTSABER SOUND EFFECTS!!! All I need is Street Fighter sound effects and I'll be gold! ( If anyone can tell me where I can get the graphic where in Mario Bros Z, Mario does like a super punch, that glow, you'll know what I'm talking about if you see it... I might jsut make my own, nevermind.)

So, yeah.. Redoing my stuff, so WHOOHOOOO!!!! I mastered the allmighty VCAM! In your face!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let the show begin!


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