Ok fans, I have some bad news.

2010-06-07 13:41:13 by ToapointX

As of today, I have to stop uploading videos. Apparently, "It takes up a crapton of bandwidth" So I'm no longer able to upload videos. Rest assured, I'll be bustin my tail in my free time to edit my videos and make new ones!

I will be taking down the 2 earlier videos, and increasing them to my current skill level with Adobe Flash CS4.

I'll be getting home about the beginning of September ( 1st to be exact) then I get to move in my new house witch is GODLYAWESOME!!!!!! Then I will proceed to uploading my videos.

I'll be keeping regular updates. So far, this is what should have to wrap up the first season.

CX Wars #1: The Beginnig
CX Wars #2: The First Encounter

CX Wars #3: CX Origins

CX Wars #4: Battle for Arbul
CX Wars #5: A Race to the Goal
CX Wars #6: Enter the Bold
CX Wars #7: Could it be...?
CX Wars #8: A Sorrowful Ending
CX Wars #9: Inner Focus
CX Wars #10: The Decisive Battle
CX Wars #11: Destiny Collides
CX Wars #12: Shocking!!!

I plan on having these all done by 1 September, then I'll be uploading them one at a time once a week. I'm allocated 8 BPS... my upload rate is 500 bytes a second. SOOOOOOOOO WITH THAT STATED! Stay tuned for updates :) I'l have a new icons and everything!


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