great news guys!!!!!!!!

2010-05-26 15:27:37 by ToapointX

I have done it! All by myself with no tutorials! I've figured out how to make a play button so the text will stop and you can click play when you're done reading! :D And after busting my brain for 15 minuets, I figured out to make the music play when the events are stopped... Simply makign the music a SYMBOLAND LOOP IT! then Boom!!!! My issue though - keeping it under 10mb. Blah, just another challenge I have to abide by. I got this!

Look out Flash Animators! Here I come!


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2010-05-26 20:48:36

Autodidacts united! ^^
Look out Flash Animators and music composers!


2010-05-28 14:13:35

Awesome! That'll really help the storyline along at the viewers' reading speed. I'm sure a lot of people will really appreciate it!